The BNS has a new website!

The BNS is pleased to announce the official launch of its new website. This is an important milestone for us, and will contribute, along with the 50th anniversary, to making 2020 a memorable year for the BNS!

This modern website will offer our members new features such as the possibility for each member to create an account and easily manage their personal data, in full compliance with GDPR requirements.

Create now your account on the Membership Application page!

To get to know us better and to find out who is behind the whole volunteer work within the BNS, you will find presentations of the Executive Committee and the YG Core Group in the About Us and BNS-YG sections.

We have also redesigned the events management on our website. Access to presentations, video recordings and photos of previous Evening Lectures will be easier for BNS members.

To facilitate the networking among our members, we have created a dedicated space that lists the LinkedIn profiles of our community. Feel free to visit it and get in touch with your peers!

In the Nuclear section, you will be informed of the latest news through dedicated posts, and you will have access to very interesting materials on the nuclear industry and nuclear in general.

The website has been entirely designed and developed by a member of the BNS-YG, Arnaud Paquet. The BNS Executive Committee thanks Arnaud very much for his great and very professional work! Do not hesitate to contact him.