Belgian Nuclear Society

Our Mission

The Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS), a member of the European Nuclear Society (ENS) and an associated member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), promotes the advancement of science and engineering related to peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

The BNS counts about 400 members. They are students and professionals involved in the nuclear field through a broad spectrum of organizations such as universities, technical colleges, research centers, governmental and intergovernmental administrations, regulators, architect engineering companies, utilities, fuel suppliers, nuclear equipment manufacturers, waste treatment and storage facilities.

The BNS aims at:

  • Promoting the development of closer professional and personal relations among its members;
  • Disseminating objective information contributing to the public understanding of peaceful applications of nuclear energy and related sciences;
  • Cooperating with other scientific and professional associations pursuing similar objectives as well as with Belgian educational and research institutions.

Several activities throughout the year support this mission, the most frequent being the monthly Evening Lectures held in Brussels, which can be attended free of charge. Speakers include both national and international experts active in the nuclear sector. The BNS regularly organizes topical days and conferences on specific issues, and also sponsors conferences organized by other associations. Also technical visits broaden the horizon of our members. Every year an Annual Meeting and a General Assembly are held. Specifically for the younger members (<36 years old), additional activities are offered facilitating sharing of information and socialising between members.

The BNS is a Non-Profit Organization according to the Belgian Law. The BNS Bylaws can be downloaded: Bylaws FR & Bylaws NL. The BNS Internal Rules are also available for download: Rules FR & Rules NL.