Apply For Membership

Why join? The obvious question

The role of the Belgian Nuclear Society remains, after 50 years of existence, to pursue its community best interests by:

  • Promoting the advancement and education in the field of civil nuclear science and engineering;
  • Keeping you informed on the status of a variety of subjects related to nuclear applications;
  • Facilitating and sharing knowledge through regular lectures and events and via the website;
  • Acting as a collective voice in providing sounded explanations for nuclear issues;
  • Providing a forum to have a free and independent advice on nuclear engineering and scientific questions.

What do you get?

As a member of the BNS, you will have:

  • A networking opportunity with members and event participants;
  • Prior information about evening lectures and other activities;
  • Access to the technical presentations of evening lectures;
  • Access to other worldwide nuclear societies events and informative material;
  • If <36 years old, access with a reduced fee to unique Technical Visits.


Submit your application on the Membership Application page.

Please notice that we request you to send a (short) Curriculum Vitae and that you should be presented by two referees, already members of the BNS. Please upload your CV and indicate the names of the referees on the Membership Application page. This is however not necessary if you already are a BNS member (migration from the old website and creation of your new personal account).  

Your membership application will be presented to the BNS Executive Committee that will decide upon its acceptance. The BNS Secretary will notify you about the Committee’s decision and will invite you to pay the annual membership fee. On acceptance, you will be listed as a BNS member and you will have access to the resources made available to members only. BNS members below 36 years old become automatically members of the BNS Young Generation.

The BNS is a Non-Profit Organization according to the Belgian Law. Applying for a BNS membership requires the acceptance of the BNS Bylaws (Bylaws FR & Bylaws NL) and the BNS Internal Rules (Rules FR & Rules NL).

Annual membership fee

Member: 60 €

Retired and Young Generation member: 25 €

Student: 10 €

The first year of membership for BNS members under 26 years old is offered!