The ENS Secretariat has asked BNS to see if a Belgian candidate could be proposed in replacement of a Belgian member who resigned from the High Scientific Council (HSC) due to other duties.

The HSC consists of scientists of high repute from several European countries. The HSC is a scientific body within the Society that advises the ENS on nuclear-related developments in different science fields, including Physics, Biology, Medicine, Engineering and Social Sciences.  As well as serving as a think-tank and advisory body, the HSC provides statements on behalf of the ENS to the outside world on matters related to science and technology, and their impact on society. The members of this council have full independence.

The future Belgian candidate will strengthen the links with BNS. He will be asked to inform the BNS on regular basis on the activities and outcomes of the ENS HSC.  

The candidates are requested to express their interest to the BNS Secretary before 30th of April. Such expression should have a detailed CV and a motivation letter. The BNS ExCom will review the applications and if needed invite candidates for an interview.

There are no formal academic criteria, but this is clearly a high-level position, so we are looking for a person with solid academic background and experience in the nuclear field. Either as academic, researcher or professional person having earned the respect of her/his peers.

In the below link to the ENS High Scientific Council, more background can be found as well as publications the HSC has published in recent years.