Dear Members, 

Although the pandemic is currently putting a hamper on the organization of the festivities for the 50 year anniversary of the Belgian Nuclear Society, the BNS was invited to contribute to the monthly magazine of the American Nuclear Society. As the BNS is still affiliated to the American Nuclear Society, you can find this article in the members sections. This article describes the rich heritage and the diversity of the Belgian Nuclear Society over the last 50 years.

The American Nuclear Society is much larger than the BNS, and publishes next to standards and books, also magazines and journal. And in addition to his interesting monthly magazine, that for example in January had a large section dedicated to fusion energy as our current Evening Lecture, ANS members get access to different scientific journals on nuclear technology, science and engineering, and fusion science and technology.

Thus if you’re interested to widen your scope beyond the BNS events, with information of both the American nuclear industry and noteworthy international events, please don’t hesitate to become a member of the American Nuclear Society.

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