BNS 50-Year Anniversary

The year 2020 will definitely be one to remember.

There is the COVID-19 crisis, of course, which had an unprecedented impact on our professional activities, our private lives, and even our health. Fortunately, a popular saying reminds us that there must be calm after the storm. Soon enough, de-confinement will be a reality in our country, and you will soon be planning your next family reunion, social encounters, visit at a museum, at a restaurant, or even, we hope, your summer vacation. In the name of the executive committee, we sincerely hope that the COVID-19 crisis can be concluded on this positive note for all of you, and we wish you to recover from this traumatizing experience.

As you have noticed, the Belgian Nuclear Society did not interrupt its activities during the thrilling era of the pandemic. On the contrary ! We surfed on the wave of modernity, and we immediately adapted ourselves to the situation by successfully organizing several remote events since the pandemic broke up. The show must go on! Even though, behind the scenes, your committee was truly missing your physical presence, and the possibility to meet you after the lectures at our traditional cocktail drink. We are definitely looking forward to meeting you again during our activities of the second semester of this year 2021!

Believe it or not, there is even more to expect from the second semester of the year 2021…

Your committee did not forget that we had the immense privilege of administrating the Belgian Nuclear Society during an important year of its existence, as it celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2020. It was even officially mentioned in the ANS Newsletter ! This is one milestone in the Belgian nuclear community that we could not let pass unnoticed, and neither could we let the virus crisis make us abandon our projects. For these reasons, your committee has been actively working for the preparation of a memorable anniversary event, first foreseen on the 29th of October 2020,. But the Corona virus and associated decisions did not allow us to organize it on that date. Therefore, and regarding the expected hope of real decrease of the pandemic for the second half of this year, we intend to organize this 50-years event at the same date, but just one year later, i.e. on 28th October 2021. Please already save the date !

We are Belgian.
We promote Nuclear science and technology for the benefits of humanity.
We are a Society at the service of the people.
We therefore thought that the Atomium, built in 1958 in the era of the “Atoms for Peace” (from Ike Eisenhower), was the best place to celebrate this event!

Before the party, in our quality of a ‘learned society’, we will organize an interesting academic session. We are currently working at the preparation of a program that will gather major actors of the nuclear sector in Belgium and in Europe. We will also honor the historical partner of our society (ANS). Regarding its close location to the Atomium, and the unique atmosphere in its projection dome, the academic session will take place at the Brussels Planetarium.

Hourly Schedule


Oct 28, 2021


5:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Avenue de Bouchout 10, 1020 Brussels