BNS 50-Year Anniversary

Registrations are closed.

The event being only a couple of days away, regarding the needs for organisation, and the legal requirements to respect to COVID-related measures, we are no longer able to accept new registrations to the event.

We thank you for your understanding. 

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Your committee did not forget that we had the immense privilege of administrating the Belgian Nuclear Society during an important year of its existence, as it celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2020. It was even officially mentioned in the ANS Newsletter ! This is one milestone in the Belgian nuclear community that we could not let pass unnoticed, and neither could we let the virus crisis make us abandon our projects. For these reasons, your committee has been actively working for the preparation of a memorable anniversary event, first foreseen on the 29th of October 2020,. But the Corona virus and associated decisions did not allow us to organize it on that date. Therefore, and regarding the expected hope of real decrease of the pandemic for the second half of this year, we intend to organize this 50-years event just one year later, i.e. on 28th October 2021.

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We are Belgian.
We promote Nuclear science and technology for the benefits of humanity.
We are a Society at the service of the people.
We therefore thought that the Atomium, built in 1958 in the era of the “Atoms for Peace” (from Ike Eisenhower), was the best place to celebrate this event!

Before the party, in our quality of a ‘learned society’, we will organize an interesting academic session. We are currently working at the preparation of a program that will gather major actors of the nuclear sector in Belgium and in Europe. We will also honor the historical partner of our society (ANS). Regarding its close location to the Atomium, and the unique atmosphere in its projection dome, the academic session will take place at the Brussels Planetarium.

Practical arrangements

The event will take place in the Brussels expo area:

  • From 17:00 to 19:45 at the Planetarium ( de Bouchout 10, 1020 Brussels).
  • from 20:00 to 24:00 at the Atomium (Place de l’Atomium / Atomiumplein 1, 1020 Brussels).

The area is easily accessible with public transportation (Metro station Heyzel). Nevertheless, to facilitate your venue to the event, we have arranged a free parking on the lot P1 of the Trademart company, next to the Atomium (entrance through Av. de l’Atomium). This parking will be free of charge (you will receive a coin to exit) and accessible from 14:00. Both the Atomium and the Planetarium are easily reached on foot from the parking.

Before the event,  on the late afternoon on 28 October 2021, there is the possibility to organise free guided visits of the Atomium. This would give you access to all balls open to the public, including the temporary exposition ball and the panoramic view on the upper ball, which will not be accessible during the BNS evening event. If you are interested, please express it while registering to the event (link above). The visit will be organised if there are enough candidates.

Program and time schedule

PART 1: Planetarium (16:30 – 20:00)

16.30: Registration starts at the Planetarium main entrance hall. Badges, covid-safe tickets control.

17:00-17:30: Opening Doors at the Planetarium projection room where the academic session takes place.  Slide Show 50 Years of Nuclear in Belgium. Opening Words from the BNS Chairman Vincent Massaut

17:30-17:45: Film Planetarium: discovery of the season night sky. Doors will be closed during this short period (the conference room will be set in darkness).

17.45: Doors opening again. 

17.45-19.45: Conference with 6 THEMES (15 minutes main speaker + 5 minutes video capsule) 

  • Theme 1: The broad policy environment: Nuclear Energy and Sustainability
    Role of Nuclear in a sustainable energy mix: Samuele Furfari – Retired official EC DG ENER, member 100TWh and weCARE
    Capsule: Nuclear in Europe and worldwide: William Magwood IV – NEA, Director General
  • Theme 2: From NPPs operation to Advanced Technologies
    Perspectives from the Belgian Nuclear Industry: Denis Dumont – ENGIE Group (ENGIE/Electrabel/Tractebel)
    Capsule: Advanced Reactors and SMRs: Tractebel engineering
  • Theme 3: Sustainable Management of Nuclear Waste
    Developments in Belgium: Philippe Lalieux – Director, Ondraf Niras
    Capsule: Implementing Deep Geological Repository in Finland: Posiva Finland
  • Theme 4: Nuclear in Medical Applications
    An historical review from a Belgian perspective: Frank Deconinck – Prof VUB – SCK CEN SAC Member
    Capsule: Protect, Enhance and Save Lives: IBA-Group
  • Theme 5: Nuclear from Science to Demonstration
    MYRRHA – A Belgian New Frontier: Hamid Ait Abderrahim – MYRRHA Director SCK CEN
    Capsule: Belgian contribution to Nuclear Fusion: Jef Ongena – ERM/KMS
  • Theme 6: “BNS@International”
    BNS contribution to ENS: Fernando Naredo
    Capsule: A view from the other side of the Atlantic – Steve Nesbit, ANS president.

19.45-20:00: Conclusion: BNS Chairman Vincent Massaut


PART 2: Atomium (20:00 – 24:00)

Keynote speaker
How the Belgian Section of the ANS came to life 50 years ago
Pierre Goldschmidt: Co-founder of the BNS, former DDG IAEA

Keynote speaker
Looking to the future
Fabio Nouchy: BNS Young Generation Chairman

Final Message by Vincent Massaut: BNS Chairman

Cocktail with Belgian food & drink specialties



Atomium visits

You have the possibility to join grouped visits of the whole Atomium before our event starts, on the late afternoon on 28 October 2021. If you are interested, please let register at the link:   


  1. Please select only one of the 7 proposed visit groups, and only for 1 person (yourself) or 2 persons (yourself + your extra guest).
  2. Your extra guest might chose a separate group than yours (e.g. different language preference, or the group during the planetarium session).  
  3. The capacity of each group is limited to 25 participants. Therefore, you will be allowed to register to groups that are not yet fully booked.
  4. If you would like to follow the visit at the same time as other of our guests, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible. The registration system applies a first-arrived first-served principle.


Several sponsoring possibilities are offered to you, as described in this document. We hope to be able to count on your support to celebrate this very important anniversary and to help us continuing to exchange scientific and technical information between our members and Corporate members. You may take contact with our organizer, Alexandra GERARD (, to order one of the sponsoring options.

Hourly Schedule


Oct 28, 2021


5:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Avenue de Bouchout 10, 1020 Brussels

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