Scientific Contest 2019

On Thursday, November 28, the BNS-YG (Belgian Nuclear Society Young Generation) Scientific Contest took place at the SCK•CEN Lakehouse in concomitance with the SCK•CEN Best Master Thesis Contest. In total, 8 manuscripts were received.

For the Oral Competition, the ranking is as follows:

  1. Jonas Vande Pitte, for his thesis made at UGent and SCK•CEN on “Use of neutron absorbers to influence the neutron transmutation doping process in silicon”;
  2. Kristel Mijnendonckx, for her work at SCK•CEN: “An active microbial community in Boom Clay pore water collected from piezometers impedes validating predictive modelling of ongoing geochemical processes”;
  3. Katrijn Gijbels, for her thesis made at KUL and UHasselt on “Radiological and non-radiological leaching assessment of alkali-activated materials containing ground granulated blast furnace slag and phosphogypsum”.

Two ONDRAF/NIRAS Master Thesis Prizes were attributed:

  • Thijs Verhaeghe, from the Royal Military Academy, for his work on “Improving the numerical simulation of the physics inside a tokamak”;
  • Alexis Devitre, from the Ghent University, for his Master Thesis on “Boron Synergies in Lithium Film Performance”.

For the Poster Session, the prize went to Ramadan Raghda, for her work carried out at SCK•CEN on “Single and fractionated ionizing radiation induce alterations in endothelial connexin expression and channel function”.


Nov 28, 2019


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


SCK•CEN Lakehouse
Boeretang 201, 2400 Mol

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