Scientific Contest 2015

On Thursday, March 26, the BNS-YG (Belgian Nuclear Society Young Generation) Scientific Contest took place at Tractebel head office.

For the Oral Competition, the candidates were:

  • Alexander Bakaev, PhD candidate in Physics at University of Ghent, for his work on “Radiation Effects in Structural Steels for Nuclear Applications: an Atomistic Study”;
  • Bart Deconinck, Master student in Sciences and Environment at Université Libre de Bruxelles, for his work on “Provisions for the Dismantling of Industrial Installations: Analysis of European and Sectorial Approaches”;
  • Marco De Lorenzo, Master student in Nuclear and Energy Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, for his work on “Implementation of a Full 3D Neutronic Model for MYRRHA in RELAP5-3D using Nestle”.

For the Poster Session, the candidates were:

  • Federico Di Rocco, Master student in Energy and Nuclear Engineering at Sapienza Universita di Roma, for his work on “Shortcomings of 1-D Thermohydraulic Transient Analysis for a Pool Type Reactor (like MYRRHA)”;
  • Petr Grigorev, PhD student in Physics at SCK-CEN and University of Gent, for his work on “Nucleation and Growth of Hydrogen Bubbles on Dislocations in Tungsten under High Flux Low Energy Plasma Exposure”.


Mar 26, 2015


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Tractebel Engineering
Avenue Ariane 7, 1200 Brussels

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