Nuclear Science Contest 2023

To reward young people that entered the fascinating world of nuclear science, the BNS – with the help of its Young Generation, the Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK CEN and the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials ONDRAF/NIRAS – organizes since 2004 a yearly contest for outstanding works related to nuclear applications in the broadest sense of the term.

This Nuclear Science Event is open not only for students to present their Master thesis but also to anyone (up to 36 years old included) who published a paper related to nuclear, whether it is at school, university or within a company. Candidates can choose to participate in one of the  categories listed above.

The BNS-YG Scientific Contest of 2023 will be organised on 21st of November and will take place at Tabloo (Gravenstraat 3, 2480 Dessel). During the contest, the winners of each category will be given the opportunity to present their work and receive their price. The contest will be followed by a reception.

The rules of the competition can be found here.

Laureates of the 2023 edition

Noelia Olivia (SCK CEN / KUL)

Nuclear science and application 1st price

Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Lead-Bismuth Eutectic on Fatigue Resistance of 316L

Nathalie Heynickx (SCK CEN / UGent)

Nuclear medicine and biology 1st price

Characterization of Non-Specific Uptake and Retention Mechanisms of [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-617 in the Salivary Glands

Eliott Ramoisiaux (TBE)

Nuclear waste management and decommissioning 1st price

Ambient Dose Simulation of the ProtherWal Protontherapy Centre Radioactive Shielding Decay Using BDSIM and FISPACT-II

Anouk Michiels (UH / KUL)

Nuclear waste management and decommissioning 2nd price

Position Determination of a Gamma Ray Point Source Using a Single Layer Compton Camera

Ewout Vereecke

(BNEN/Tractebel-Engie/SCK CEN)

Nuclear waste management and decommissioning 3rd price

Development of a Decision Support Tool for Selecting the optimal Dismantling Strategy for Radioactive Concrete Structures

Stefanos Pelonis (KUL)

Best BNS Poster 1st price

Design of a Linear Paul Trap for Laser Cooling and Single-Ion Spectroscopy

Clarita Saldarriaga Vargas (SCK CEN)

Best BNS Poster 2nd price

A Realistic Mouse Kidney Dosimetry Model to Support the Preclinical Evaluation of Nephrotoxicity in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

Juan Antonio Monleón de la Lluvia

Laureate of the SCK CEN award

Reducing spectrum-driven uncertainties with variance reduction techniques

Candidates for the BNS-YG Scientific Contest

Hein Brookhuis

Making Belgian Big Science History Of MYRRHA

Christophe Gueibe

Silver Exchanged Zeolites for Collecting and Separating Xenon Directly from Atmospheric Air

Aleksandr Tsybanev

Identification of the Fe3O4-Fe2O3 Reaction in the Liquid Lead-Bismuth Eutectic

Carlos Fajardo

Broadband Laser Spectroscopy of RaF

Kateryna Poleshchuk

Development Of Subminiaturised Testing Methodology for WCu Joints

Lena Matthys

Development and Validation of the Serpent2 Model of the BR1 Reactor

Sander Grosemans

Optimalisation of a Monte Carlo Model Regarding Skin Treatment Using the XOFT AXXENT Electronic Brachytherapy (EBX) System

Marie Deseyn

Maximizing the Radionuclide Collection Efficiency at CERN-MEDICIS – A Case Study on Terbium Collections And Sputtering

Michelle Andersson

Nephron Morphology Influences the Dosimetry of Microscopic Renal Tissues of Non-Uniform Activity Distributions of Alpha Particle and Low Energy Electron Emitters

Candidates for the SCK CEN best thesis award

Pierre Laboureur

Design selection for second-generation electron-to-gamma converter in view of photonuclear Ac-225 production

Gabriele Ellena

Impact of simulated microgravity on the physiology of the MELiSSA cyanobacterium Limnospira indica PCC8005

Enida Nushi

Cellulose degradation and nuclear waste management: Characterization of cellulose degradation products by ESI-ToF MS

Matteo Puglini

BR2 irradiation conditions calculation model: as simple as possible, nut not simpler.

Sabrina Poradosú

Analysis of the impact of cortisol on the immune system in the space exposome and possible countermeasures

Bo Peeters

A novel radioprotective strategy: Noradrenergic agonists to mitigate early radiation-induced hippocampal injury and Locus Coeruleus damage

Yelltrich Reymen

Chronic Sr-90 and Cs-137 radionuclide exposure in Lemna minor: Effects on phenotype, redox balance and methylation

Phoebe De Meulemeester

Extremophile radio-resistance and its link to human space radiobiology

David Álvarez Romero

ALFRED neutronics benchmark

Chritica Lodder

Molecular and cellular alterations of the brain in microgravity simulated conditions


Nov 21, 2023


5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Gravenstraat, 2480 DESSEL

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