Newcleo’s LFR-SMRs

To fulfil the expectations on nuclear as a viable option for deep decarbonization and energy security, the future systems, along with enhanced safety and clear economics, have to be able to flexibly comply with fuel cycle policies, i.e., flexible management of Plutonium and minor actinides, including the stockpiles already generated by the currently operating reactors.

Newcleo is developing two projects: The LFR-AS-30 and the LFR-AS-200, having respectively electrical power of 30 MWe and 200 MWe; AS stands for Amphora-Shaped, referring to the shape of the inner vessel.

For all projects, Newcleo has identified various innovative solutions to simplify and compact the reactor design and at the same time enhance the passive characteristics as regards both the shutdown and the decay heat removal.

The LFR-AS-30 is the scaled reproduction of the LFR-AS-200 because conveniently and traditionally, the development of a reactor type has been progressive, starting from low power for risk minimization.

For the LFR-AS-200, several fuel cycle options are considered; concerning Plutonium management, breeding ratios as different as 0.5 to 0.9 can be attained, thereby including in the portfolio a deep plutonium burner option.

Compactness of the primary system, absence of an intermediate loop and, differently from LWRs, limited accidental pressurization of the primary system, allow the design of a compact reactor building with associated economical advantage.

The presentation further details and discusses the merits and limits of the LFR and represents the challenges implied on the associated fuel cycle facilities in their role of enablers to fully disclose the LFR potential.


deadline: Thursday the 23rd of February, 12 AM

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Feb 23, 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


University fondation
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  • Luciano Cinotti
    Luciano Cinotti

    Italian nuclear engineer, he worked at Ansaldo for 30 years and is a leading expert in Fast Reactor technologies. He is a Euratom representative and has been the Chairman of the LFR (Lead Fast Reactors) Steering Committee of the Generation IV International Forum from its inception until 2010. Being the author of most of the world’s LFR-related patents, he is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Newcleo.

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