Targeted Alpha Therapy with Astatine-211

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Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) has the potential to become a curative and less toxic alternative and/or compliment to today’s standard cancer treatment. 

The method, which incorporates alpha emitting radionuclides, such as At-211, coupled to cancer-targeting biological molecules like antibodies, peptides, or small molecules, can eliminate cancer cells in tumours and metastases, without causing significant damage to a patient’s healthy cells or tissues. 

The pharmaceuticals used for TAT act like microscopic, guided missiles. The biological vector is the missile that carries a payload (the alpha emitter) directly toward a specific target (the cancer cell type to be eliminated). The alpha emitter kills the cancer cells by emitting alpha particles with a high energy and short path length. The high energy particles cause double stranded breakage to the cancer cells’ DNA, effectively killing the cells, whilst the particles’ short path length ensures that damage to surrounding healthy cells and tissue is minimised. The result is an internal, highly targeted and less toxic local irradiation of cancer cells.

The lecture will be split in two parts; the first part on the scientific aspects of TAT will be given by Emma Aneheim, and the second part, that will be focused on Atley and the commercial aspects, will be led by Milton Lönnroth.

Hourly Schedule

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Mar 23, 2023


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm




  • Emma Aneheim
    Emma Aneheim

    Emma Aneheim is a Senior Radiochemist, founder and board member at Atley Solutions AB, and researcher at the Department of Medical Radiation Sciences at the University Gothenburg and at the Department of Oncology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital. She obtained her PhD in Nuclear Chemistry in 2012 from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, where she is now associate professor in Radiochemistry. Next to various entrepreneurial, educational, and scientific merits, she has many publications on her credit.

  • Milton Lönnroth
    Milton Lönnroth

    Milton Lönnroth is founder and CEO at Atley Solutions AB. He graduated as a biochemical Engineer from University College London (2015) and holds an MSc in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship. Since his incorporation in 2019, he has secured entry into a global Top 10 UBI, raised €2.7 million in capital investments and €506 000 in non-diluting funding, successfully project lead the product development towards a market launch in 2023, built a solid sales pipeline in Europe and the US, and formalised connections with key industry partners in Europe and the US.

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