Actinium-225, a weapon for the fight against cancer

This virtual evening lecture will be given by Sven Van den Berghe, Chief Executive Officer of Pantera, a joint-venture between SCK CEN and IBA.

The potential of actinium-225

Actinium-225 possesses the resounding potential to treat cancers more effectively. Initial results show that the theranostic radioisotope completely eliminates cancer cells, rather than just inhibiting tumour growth. The risk of recurrence also appears to decrease. To date, extensive research and numerous studies are underway which aim to tackle both high prevalence cancers including prostate, lung, colon, breast, pancreatic, blood (leukemia and other rare forms) and kidney cancers, but also rarer forms of cancer like glioblastoma, the deadliest form of a very invasive brain cancer.

Presentation material

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May 25, 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm




  • Sven Van den Berghe
    Sven Van den Berghe

    Sven Van den Berghe is a master of physics graduate of the university of Ghent with a PhD in materials science from the university of Limoges in France, in collaboration with the Institute for Transuranic Elements in Germany and the Belgian nuclear research centre SCK-CEN. He has held the position of head of the Microstructural and Nondestructive Analysis laboratory at the SCK CEN Hotlab for 15 years before becoming the BR2 reactor stakeholder manager. In 2018, he was appointed as the director of the Nuclear Materials Science institute of the SCK CEN, which hosts the BR2 reactor and the hot laboratories.
    In 2022 Sven has been appointed CEO For PanTera, a spin-off between SCK CEN and IBA to develop, design and build a production facility for Ac-225 in the battle against cancer. The motivation to take up this position in leading a new company is the idea that the products PanTera will create will signify new hope for cancer patients around the world.

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