Evening Lecture – Decommissioning the Belgonucleaire MOX Plant

The Belgonucleaire (BN) MOX plant was built in 1970-1972 and started operation in 1973 for the fabrication of MOX fuel for fast reactors and in 1986 for commercial LWRs. It was the first commercial plant to be decommissioned under the authority of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control established in 2001.

After a short description of the operation period of the BN MOX Plant, the different steps of the plant decommissioning project will be reviewed, starting from the PDF submitted in 2003 up to the Royal Decree of December 2019 whereby the nuclear site of Dessel was unconditionally released. For each step, the most important lessons learned will be discussed.


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Sep 24, 2020


6:30 pm - 7:45 pm




  • Jean Van Vliet
    Jean Van Vliet
    Managing Director at Belgonucléaire

    After a Master in Engineering in 1973 and a Master in Sciences in 1974, Jean van Vliet joined the BN engineering office in 1976; he moved to the MOX Plant in 1986 for the start-up of the industrial production of MOX for EDF with Framatome-Cogema as fuel vendor. He was plant manager from 1991 up to 1999 and general manager from 1999 up to 2006, when he was appointed CEO and in charge of the MOX plant decommissioning.

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